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🔥 LONG Hour Burn Time: Keep the chill away with up to 5.5 hours of consistent warmth on a single pellet load.

🌿 Eco-Friendly 15.5-Pound Pellet Capacity: Load up to 15.5 lbs.of sustainable wood pellets for an environmentally responsible heating solution.

💥 High Power Output of 24,000 BTU: Experience powerful and efficient heating, perfect for any outdoor setting.

🌡️ Wide 10-Foot Heating Radius: Enjoy a broad coverage area, ensuring everyone around feels the cozy warmth.

⏳ 12-Hour Battery Life per Charge: Reliable and long-lasting, ideal for extended outdoor gatherings or events.

🌬️ Innovative Pyrolytic Combustion Process: Features a patented system for near smoke-free and minimal ash production.

💨 Efficient Air Circulation Fan: Specially designed fan ensures perfect pellet combustion every time, enhancing efficiency.

🔋 Power Bank Operated: Independent of main power sources for flexibility and convenience in any outdoor location using USB power bank technology.

💚 Cost-Effective and Eco-Conscious: Reduces operating costs significantly while using sustainable fuel, making it a smart and green choice.

🏙️ Perfect for Urban and Restricted Areas: Compliant with regulations, ideal for use in city centers, historical sites, and trade fairs.

🌆 Sleek, Modern Design: High-quality steel with a stylish black coating adds a touch of elegance to any outdoor space.

Elevate your outdoor ambiance with the Primato Model L Heat, where state-of-the-art technology meets sustainable, stylish comfort.

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Statuesque Height: Stands at an impressive 80 inches, providing a commanding presence and effective heat distribution

Sleek Width: Measures 42/13 inches with table attachment, large dome attachment width is 35.5 inches

Robust Weight: Weighs a solid 155 pounds, offering stability and durability in various outdoor conditions.

Power Output: 7 kW

Maximum Capacity: 3.5 kg / 15.5 LBS.

Burning Duration: Up to 5.5 hours

Material: High-quality steel with a sleek black coating

Fuel Type: Any Pellet Fuel - we recommend hardwood fuel by Logik-e