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Main Ingredient: Premium Coffee Fuel Pellets crafted from spent coffee grounds.

🌍 Eco-Conscious: Addresses the challenge of the earth's largest sources of organic waste.

🔥 Natural Heating Power: Coffee grounds are known for their high heating value and natural oil content.

♻️ Sustainable Practices: SRG's innovative technology upcycles organic residuals previously destined for landfills.

🌎 Direct Source: Our coffee grounds are obtained directly from top-tier international instant coffee manufacturers.

🌲 Coffee vs. Wood: While coffee is globally consumed, its remnants are usually discarded. SRG processes these renewable grounds, providing an eco-friendly alternative to wood pellets.

🌳 Forest-Friendly: Transitioning from wood to coffee pellets aids in preserving our vital forests.

💡 The Smart Choice: Choosing coffee pellets is simple considering their superior heat value, ash content, and competitive pricing.

🔥 Superior Performance: JavaFlame® boasts 35% more heating value than most hardwoods.

🧹 Minimal Cleanup: Produces 80% less ash compared to standard wood pellet premiums, ensuring a longer burn and easier cleanup.

Shipping Options

📍 Local Pickup:

Secure your pellet fuel with ease during our regular business hours. Our friendly and efficient team ensures a streamlined loading experience. Please present your receipt upon arrival. Note that orders placed after 4 PM will be ready for pickup on the next business day.

🚚 Delivery Options:

Looking for convenient delivery? We offer this service for orders of at least two tons or two skids, subject to a nominal delivery fee. To arrange delivery, place your order online and then contact our service department at 860-621-5311 (select option 3), or send an email to, including your order number.

If you place an order outside of our regular business hours, we will get in touch with you on the next business day.

Please Note: Our delivery service is limited to Connecticut residents. Delivery fees are separate from the cost of your purchase. If you place an online order after 3 PM EST on Saturday and request delivery, please expect to be contacted on Tuesday, as our operations are closed on Sundays and Mondays.


🇺🇸 Manufacturer: JavaFlame®

🪵 Fuel Type: 100% Recycled Coffee Grounds - A unique and efficient fuel source.

📦 Packaging Details: Each ton contains 50 bags.

⚖️ Weight: Weight per bag is 40 lbs., and weight per ton is 2,000 lbs.

🌬️ Ash Content: An almost negligible .0025%, ensuring extremely clean burns.

🔥 BTU per lb: A staggering 11,300 BTU's per lb - Superior heat output for the ultimate heating experience.

We offer you only the best in the pellet fuel industry.
Guaranteed lowest prices in CT!