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🍕 Small but Spectacular: The Pulcinella Small proves size isn't everything. Bringing the same Clementi charm in a cozier package!

💨 Lightning-Fast Heat: Get ready for some pizza action! Reaches a toasty 400°C in just about 20-25 minutes.

🌲 True to Tradition: Uses wood for that genuine wood-fired flavor, consuming a mere 4-8 Kg/hour.

🎡 On-the-Go Culinary Adventures: Featuring a cart with wheels, it’s all about mobility and flexibility.

🍖 Grill & Thrill: Fancy a barbecue night? Switch to grill mode with the optional Multicooking accessory.

🍕 Quick Fire Pizzas: Hungry? Bake up to 2 pizzas in an astonishing 90 seconds. Dinner's ready before you know it!

Stellar Construction: With a refractory base designed for food and a resilient stainless steel 430 dome, it’s crafted for perfection.

🎈 Handy Side Shelf: A nifty 12.5” x 30” side shelf included, making your pizza prepping a breeze.

💪 Featherweight Champ: Weighing in at just 286.6 lbs, it's both sturdy and manageable.

Crispy, smoky pizzas, or sizzling grilled delights, the Pulcinella Small is your backyard's newest superstar! 🎉🔥🍕

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🇮🇹 Manufacturer: Clementi

🔥 Chamber Type: Single - Experience the magic with the fire directly in the cooking chamber!

🪵 Fuel Type: Wood

🌡️ Max Temperature Rating: A scorching 900°F (482.2°C) - The absolute pinnacle in the market.

📏 Dimensions:

Standard Cart Dimensions
53.5” (and 76.5” when you include the chimney)
Depth: 34”
Side Shelf: 12".5x30"

🍕 Cooking Area: A generous 24" x 24" space
🍕🍕 Pizza Capacity: Can cook two, 10-12" pizzas in as little as 90 seconds!

  • Weight: 286.6 lbs.

    🛡️ Warranty: Rest easy with our two-year warranty, showcasing our trust in its unparalleled craftsmanship.

Every spec is a testament to our commitment to providing you with nothing but the best in gas-fired cooking. Dive into a world of culinary mastery with Clementi Family!