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🌳 Main Ingredient: Crafted from 100% pure hardwood and softwood, without any bark for a cleaner and more efficient burn.

❄️ Warmth and Comfort: Designed to envelop your home in warmth during the colder months.

🔥 High-Caliber Fuel: Denser and drier than average wood pellets, ensuring efficient heating.

🍁 Canadian Craftsmanship: Proudly made in Canada with strict quality standards.

💧 Optimized Moisture: Moisture levels maintained between 4-8%, guaranteeing a cleaner and hotter burn.

♻️ Sustainability: Made from responsibly managed forests, aiding in sustainable living.

🧹 Low Maintenance: Generates less ash content (0.3%) compared to standard wood pellets, which means less frequent clean-up.

🌡️ Superior Heat Output: Offers an exceptional 8,700 BTUs per lb., ideal for combating the cold.

💲 Value for Money: Provides high-quality heating at a reasonable price.

🌳 Environmentally Friendly: Contributes to responsible forestry practices.


🇨🇦 Manufacturer: Logik-e

🪵 Fuel Type: 100% Hardwood & Softwood - Pure and natural for a genuine burn.

📦 Packaging Details: Each skid contains 60 bags.

⚖️ Weight: Weight per bag is 40 lbs., and weight per skid is 2450 lbs.

🌬️ Ash Content: A minimal 0.32%, translating to just 6.4 lbs. per ton - ensuring cleaner burns.

🔥 BTU per lb: An impressive 8,700 BTU's per lb - Powerful heat output for optimum cooking.

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