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🔥 Ceramic Brilliance: The unique ceramic attributes of Kettle Joe offer enhanced heat retention, incredible fuel efficiency, and superior smoking capabilities.

🍲 Diverse Cooking: The 2-Tier Divide & Conquer Flexible Cooking System serves as your culinary canvas—paint different flavors at various temperatures simultaneously.

🌫️ Smoke Control: The SlōRoller Hyperbolic Smoke Chamber insert is your magic wand for unparalleled heat and smoke control.

🥘 Kettle Meets Ceramic: Enjoy the unique benefits of ceramic charcoal grilling, all encased in the timeless design of a kettle grill.

🌟 Feature-Packed for the Modern Grillmaster:

🎨 Pristine Design: A premium 57 cm kettle grill, designed to both cook and captivate.

👑 Generous Playground: With 2258 cm² of cooking space, there's room for every dish.

🌱 Sustainable Efficiency: The ceramic firebox ensures extended cooking time with less charcoal usage.

Precision Slow Cooking: Master temperatures up to 149°C with the SlōRoller Hyperbolic Insert.

👌 User-Centric Features: An adjustable hinge for seamless lid attachment, expansive folding side shelves, and the Patented Ash Drawer make cleaning effortless.

🚗 Mobility and Stability: The robust four-legged cart, complemented by 2 locking casters, guarantees your grill is both mobile and steadfast.

The Kettle Joe Grill is a true masterpiece in the world of grilling, delivering a perfect blend of modern features and timeless design. Elevate your grilling game today! 🍽️

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Shop online, then forward your confirmation to Trusted couriers ensure your order's secure journey. Just a heads-up: we ship exclusively within the USA and, for weekend orders after 3 PM EST on Saturday, we'll reach out by Tuesday.

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  • Width: 122 cm - An emblem of grandeur.
  • Height: 111 cm - Dominating presence.
  • Grill Weight: 49 kg of pure craftsmanship.
  • Temperature Mastery: From a gentle 107 °C to a roaring 399 °C.
  • Cooking Surface: A broad 57 cm Diameter, with a cooking space that spans a lavish 2258 cm².

The Kettle Joe isn't just another grill; it's a statement. It's an invitation to experience grilling as it should be—innovative, elegant, and downright delicious. Elevate every outdoor gathering with the Kettle Joe and watch as every bite becomes a memory. Grill with passion. Grill with Kettle Joe.